We can help you better understand your photo and video assets. We do this by offering an automated image tagging (image understanding), image processing, image hosting and image cloud backup service. All of our services can be accessed through our simple to use web services API.

As an example, we automatically tag images with text tags describing colours, textures, scene, faces, objects, locations, text and motion. We automatically identify thousands of company logos in images and tag them. This means that (for instance) any time a particular logo appears in any photo or video frame, we tag it and tell you about it.

We also offer image cloud backup and hosting services to lessen the load on your web infrastructure.

We generate and host processed images such as face or number plate fuzzing – simply upload your image, tell us to fuzz out faces and number plates and then host the resultant image.

We use multiple technologies internally in order to deliver a fast and reliable service. These include Python, C++, Django, Celery, RabbitMQ and Salt. We support developers usng Ruby, Python, .NET, Java and PHP through our Github repo here.

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Founder and CEO Richard Jelbert is an experienced technology Entrepreneur with a long track record of creating disruptive companies and products. With a background in big data analytics, Richard has spent much of his career commercialising emerging technologies.

Richard founded Vzzual in August 2013 because of the realisation that many businesses need to be able to understand their photographic and video content in order to deliver useful and compelling services. The trend towards cloud-based services is well understood but when combined with the spread of camera enabled phones, causing a tidal wave of images and video in every aspect of daily life, it was clear that no single company could deliver image-based big-data capability. Enter Vzzual, the first company to offer all of these facilities through a cost-effective easy to consume web services API.

Previous companies include co-founding Argogroup plc that was later sold to American testing company Ascom. In 2006 Richard co-founded the company that became MyDrive Solutions that operates in the emerging field of insurance telematics. Here Richard designed the underlying profiling methodology. He holds five patents in the data analytics area.

Vzzual now offers cost effective and scalable image processing in diverse markets such as government, brands and media, social media, insurance, consumer photo, photo library and more.